[Case Study] A full pipeline of ideal clients, with the right system and the right help…

Meet Scott Anderson.

He’s a phenomenal executive coach. He’s guided businesses through some of the toughest decisions they’ve ever made. He’s led for-profit and non-profit start-ups from concept to full-fledged organizations.

He thinks BIG on how to grow the organization through it’s next evolution, and has the ability to bring the right talent on board when needed.

In other words, he’s pretty amazing. And competent, highly qualified, and…basically, got his act together.

So, you’d think he was superhuman, and doesn’t need anyone’s help to make it happen.

That’s what crosses our minds when we see successful people. Truth be told, the successful people are successful because they get help – from the right people.

For Scott, he got help from Ana Melikian.

“I needed a predictable system to increase prospective coaching leads and clients. This is Ana’s strike zone. Her confidence (and obvious competence) was reassuring and built my own confidence!”

Plus, he knew exactly the result he wanted.

“A business development system (not just ‘activity’) that I can depend on should generate a sufficient number of ‘at bats’ for me to win the number of clients I need.”

(Fast forward >>) The result today?

“Today I closed three other ideal clients, who are all more than happy to pay what I quoted them. Three in one day!

I’d like to say I’m a helluva salesman. But the truth is you have an incredibly powerful process and gave me pinpoint accurate advice about how to use it effectively.”

–Scott Anderson, CEO, Doubledare – Executive Coach & Consultant

Best to hear it from him…


Taking consistent action over time, coupled with a proven systematic approach…will get you the results. It works.

(But you have to apply the system.)

By the way, that message above just came in from Scott as we were writing this blog post!

Now, everyone has some doubts initially, just as Scott did.

“I have to admit I was a very, very doubting Thomas about your process to begin with. And I almost gave up on it, just as it was (as you said it would be) starting to work! (Makes me shudder to think what I would have lost by giving up on it.)”

And sometimes having the right help to apply the right system is the winning combination to get you out of objections, and onto the rewards.

“Ana has consistently ‘gone the extra mile’ for me. Everything she has recommended has proved out. You can rely on the advice she gives you 100%.

If you have a mountain to climb – if you really want to blow past what you’ve done in the past and do something really different and really big, then she’s the right person to call.”

This is not a cookie-cutter approach. His business is unique, as is yours.

He did the work. He applied the process. Ana worked alongside Scott, with a combination of VIP Coaching and Done-With-And- For-You LinkedIn services.

Together, they made a positive difference…

It’s a positive difference for Scott, AND also for the people he’s meant to serve – advertising agency owners who are feeling stuck and want to play BIG – because he can now focus on them, with energy and inspiration, and not worry about his pipeline!

And he saw his inflow of prospective clients skyrocket dramatically. (He was sort of swamped at first!)

With MORE CLIENTS than you can handle coming into your inbox and LinkedIn messages – what would you do next??

A great problem to have. (But don’t worry, we have a process for handling that too ? .)

And then you can start choosing who you most want to work, bask in a ton of confidence because you’ve got systems, and take more time off to do what you love and have MORE FUN doing the work you do.

Want in on these results?

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