How to (Finally!) Create a Clickable Lead Magnet for Your LinkedIn Profile

Are you ready to start receiving A LOT more warm leads on LinkedIn?

If you have been following the strategies we teach in our 10-Point Checklist To Enrolling More Coaching Clients Using LinkedIn you are aware of how important a clear call to action in your summary section is, right?
And for those of us who use a “lead magnet” as part of that process there has been one thing that has been a HUGE obstacle to fully maximizing the value of this…

It’s that (for whatever reason) LinkedIn doesn’t allow us to insert a clickable link in our summary section. So we are forced to rely on those visiting our profile to “copy and paste” the URL into another browser.

And in the process we have been LOSING a lot of opportunities!

Not anymore.

Watch video below where we show you a very simple hack you can use to now have a clickable lead magnet as part of your LinkedIn profile.



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