How to Get the Most Out of Blogging Efforts Without Overworking Yourself

(…or Without Making Yourself Crazy!)

If you’ve spent much time around us, you’d know that Blogging is not exactly our emphasis here in our world.

In fact, we often (dare we say) discourage people from focusing “too much” on that on an ongoing basis, especially when they’re trying to get business off the ground…because it’s not the most direct way to land the high-value clients we are looking for as coaches, consultants and trainers.

However, some people just really love to write. Some people like this tool of blogging to grow their influence, establish increasing authority, or perhaps write towards the outcome of a book someday.

For whatever reasons you like blogging – you can maximize and streamline your effort, and get the most bang for your buck (or time), if you will.

So, I asked my friend, Sue Dunlevie of Successful Blogging, to share some very practical & tactical tips and insights on getting the most mileage out of your blogs or articles (even applies to LinkedIn Pulse).

BTW, Sue recently landed in the Top 10 of Ray Edwards’ Joint Venture Partners in his recent Copywriting Academy launch (out of 250+ people)!

So – 1) congrats!!! and 2) she has definitely got the engagement to prove she knows her stuff 🙂

In this video interview, Learn:

  • How to leverage blogging efforts strategically to grow an audience of potential clients.
  • The “right way” to Guest Blog, including who to reach out, what to say, where to find them, when to do it, and how best to work it.
  • The most essential activities so you’re not overworking yourself or making yourself crazy.
  • Recommended schedules, templates and other available resources.
  • AND how to get a FREE 20-min. consultation to answer a burning question with Sue herself (yes, live and one-on-one).

Check out the full video interview here:


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Download her slides here.

Download her worksheet (Profitable Blog Formula) here.

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  • Sue Anne Dunlevie

    April 9, 2017

    Great fun with this interview, JoAnne! Thanks again.

    • JoAnne Henein

      April 9, 2017

      Such an honor to interview you, Sue. THANK YOU again!