[Case Study] 700 views+ on her very first Pulse article…

We love hearing back from our participants,…especially when they are getting big results even long after they’ve completed our mentoring program!

We’re clapping our hands for Joni Gilton, a mindset and energy coach who helps leaders eliminate stress and increase confidence to achieve their desired outcomes.

Take a look at how she tapped into her network (the Book Yourself Solid® way) to achieve HER OWN DESIRED OUTCOMES…which include 700+ views ON HER FIRST PULSE ARTICLE — in addition to dozens of likes, comments, and inbound inquiries about her services.


We LOVE Joni. She is an action taker seeing results, and is not shy about the changes she had to make to get there:

“I attribute the success of this article to this program – every single bit of it. (Before this program, I wasn’t even using LinkedIn.) Being a part of the program, I learned how to have effective conversations on LinkedIn. They showed me how to invest my time in a more strategic way.

Honestly, it’s a life-changing experience. I will never go back to the old way of networking.”
-Joni Gilton, Mindset and Energy Coach, jonigilton.com

Would you like to amplify your reach on Pulse (…and get potential clients contacting you about your services)?

See this video and learn some action tips.

P.S.: Click here to read Joni’s Pulse post.

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