[Case Study] Truly being able to serve those you’re meant to serve…

You LOVE what you do.

You love serving from an authentic place.

You love your clients.

You know you are making a positive difference in the world…

BUT you do not look forward to – marketing & selling (ugh) – at least, not in the traditional sense of it.

But you kind of know you have to…enroll more clients if your business is going to be sustainable!

What if there was a paradigm shift away from the traditional way of “making sales” to “serving others”…while still making it possible to get people coming to you, seeking your services?

What if there were a way to focus on “nurturing relationships” because the “marketing & selling” is taken care of in a strategic and consistent way over time?

Good news, friends – there is a way!

Enter the More Clients More Fun™ Mentoring Program, for someone like John Habibi, an Executive Coach for Tech CEOs.

All HE REALLY wants to do is to help them discover their best self, so they can in turn take that leadership into their organization. And he does this well, with ease and grace, and expertise – while our system for marketing & selling takes care of getting ideal clients…

“More Clients More Fun™ really streamlined everything. So simple yet so powerful. It does what you guys state: takes the focus away from ‘selling’ or persuading to nurturing quality relationships. Done authentically and naturally from a space of truly – being of service to others.”

In John’s case, he’s distinctively noticed that there have been significant changes in the marketplace.

What was working even just a few years ago…isn’t working anymore.

Repeat: the old systems aren’t working anymore!

Out of that frustration of time spent “networking” and trying to gain traction but not seeing results, he sought a different platform – a better opportunity to reach out to people which would be a lot more efficient and a lot more effective, in order to communicate and get out into the world the amazing gift he has to offer.

But not only that – he was looking for something that was all-encompassing and a systematic approach…to enrolling more clients…


Essentially, “networking” has migrated to the digital space, especially to a place called…LinkedIn!

And we will propel you through in order to be able to do the things that matter most to you, like serving those you are meant to serve!

“More Clients More Fun – you guys are great. You have beautifully encapsulated the essence of where the whole world is moving towards, which is away from scarcity and more towards abundance.

The community, the infrastructure is giving the opportunity for others to benefit and to learn. I’m hoping your message will spread and your culture will spread – truly being there to serve others, in a relaxed, natural, and authentic way.”

–John Habibi, Executive Coach for Tech CEO’s, johnhabibi.com

Here’s the “PS” too. 🙂

“P.S. – This is better than an MBA from Harvard! Sincerely more pertinent – the cutting edge of the cutting edge. You’ve empowered so many. Many many thanks and many many accolades to you guys. Really amazing, really love it!”

We are so honored to be there for people like John, in order for them to change the world with their gifts of coaching, consulting, and speaking.

Let us know in the comments below…what would it mean to you to be able to serve those you’re truly meant to serve, and make an even greater impact in this world, through your business?

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  • sarchjudith

    October 31, 2016

    Congratulations More Business. Great testimonial! Judith

    • Ana Melikian

      November 1, 2016