[Case Study] Landing corporate contracts by getting in front of decision makers on LinkedIn

Meet Kris Macchiarola.

From Corporate roles to external Coach & Consultant, she’s spent over 20 years in the pharmaceutical & healthcare industry, now shaping Corporate leaders to develop their high-value skills that drive organizational success.

She is a Channel Partner for The Ken Blanchard Companies®, globally recognized for helping corporate leaders improve communication, motivate employees and retain talent.

But the road of an entrepreneur is notably a bit different. A bit different than the life of corporate, she would say.

There are no big budgets to work with – she’s on a shoestring budget – and she’s got to find a way to engage with the people (corporations) she wants to become her clients (without having to wine and dine them every week).

What she does have going for her is her background and her reputation: “When you’re working with corporations, they really want someone who knows how to speak their language and is able to bring value that helps them drive organizational success.”

And More Clients More Fun™ (MCMF) gave her a way to continually engage nationally and globally with companies, in a very savvy and budget-friendly way (using LinkedIn) that suits her business model.

“When I was in corporate, I was on LinkedIn, but not in this capacity, not in a very strategic way. MCMF has provided the strategies – as long as I’m doing my part of the work – I can implement on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.

And I’m seeing the results. More than me sending out requests now, I’m getting the connection requests, private messages, requests for calls and conversations from people and potential clients I would love to be in my network!

I’m building credibility through the content I publish and post. If you’re getting 2,000-3,000 views per post, and people are interacting with it, that says you’re bringing value.”

With the array of things one can be doing nowadays online, we’re always thrilled to hear that one of the things we do uniquely and very well helps our clients keep their focus where it matters most in their business.

“MCMF strategies – very detailed, how-to, tested & proven methodology for what is working on LinkedIn – keep me more focused because it’s so easy to get caught up in the other things that don’t generate revenue. And it’s keeping perspective on that these strategies are going to help you connect with the clients that you want to be bringing in and generating the revenue that you need to be generating.”

So, she has since landed 4 corporate accounts that continue to grow, as she influences and becomes recognized across the enterprise.

“I’ve had 4 new organizations that have signed on as amazing reference accounts, and there’s so much opportunity for those projects to expand, not only within the current scope but also for future work with different departments. 


One project that initially started as a $60k contract has blown up, giving me work for this year and next year, and between emerging leaders and existing leaders, I’ll be providing emotional intelligence assessments for over 500 people! 



(Oh yeah, we love to hear that!)

Click on the video to hear it from her…

“Without a doubt, I would recommend the More Clients More Fun™ program to anyone who is looking to maximize the potential of LinkedIn – and join a community of super talented, smart individuals who offer emotional support, celebrate your successes, help you brainstorm when things aren’t going quite right, and giving you proven methodologies to maximize that potential to connect with those high-value clients.”


–Kris Macchiaiola, President & Owner, KMACC SOLUTIONS

And the key difference occurs when you’re able to reach the appropriate level decision makers…

While bypassing the “extra layers” or gatekeepers in between.

MCMF is helping me get to those decision makers– the Directors of Leadership & Innovation, the VP’s of Sales and Leadership – who I’m targeting. Even though my sales cycle is longer than most, the payoff is obviously a lot larger – a lot of opportunity for future projects once I can get an organization on board.”

Plus, she is activating her Core Network much more effectively than most.

“They know me, they know my reputation, there’s already a like & trust factor, but for sure 100%, it is the content I am putting on LinkedIn that reminds them, ‘I need to reach out to Kris and talk to her about what she’s doing because she’d be a good fit.’ Because people are BUSY, so your (MCMF) strategies of remaining in front of them and continuing to demonstrate credibility has been very helpful to position me as an expert.”

And we love the fact that she’s working location-free!

“The companies I’m working with – none of them except for the university are in my backyard. These are global companies with headquarters all over the nation. That’s why LinkedIn, for me, is super important.”

To put a bow on it all, for Kris, one of the best things about MCMF has been the COMMUNITY.

“I love that it really is the community of support. Sometimes when you are working by yourself, you don’t have that support to draw upon. And what I love about the community is that when things are going well, everyone is there to celebrate your success with you, and when things are not going well, it’s a safe place to talk about that; to brainstorm, and people are incredibly supportive in generating ideas. Unlike (often times in) corporate America – where it’s competitive and people don’t want to share ideas – here, everyone is trying to help each other succeed. It is an awesome thing to be a part of.” 

We would agree. 🙂

Strategies to reach high-value corporate decision makers, coupled with the right people around you to support your entrepreneurial journey – a combination we’re extremely proud of. To have the flexibility to be location-free and apply your passion for developing people as a business – a combination that Kris has made a reality this year.

This is all part of the More Clients More Fun™ lifestyle. And why we’re here to help you succeed. Wherever you’re at on the journey…

Email us at questions@moreclientsmorefun.com to see how we can help you finally find and enroll the high-value clients you have been looking for (and possibly work from Florida, if you want to, like Kris).

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