[Case Study] Get noticed by the big whigs…

Recently, one of our More Clients | More Fun peeps has gotten noticed by LinkedIn – our Isabella Brusati 🙂

Since working through our Book Yourself Solid® Using LinkedIn Immersion Program, we’ve been so impressed by Isabella’s drive and watching her take massive action on LinkedIn…

Yet, what’s even more rewarding…is that she’s getting noticed by the big whigs in her target market!

(By the way, she helps senior managers in the high-end fashion industry improve organizational performance — we’re talking Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, and a host of other labels we wish we were flaunting.)

While she’s helping them improve organizational performance, we are helping Isabella direct her strategy in the RIGHT DIRECTION and target her outreach efforts TO THE RIGHT PEOPLE.

So, she’s pretty excited:


When you reach out to a big influencer, you don’t necessarily expect a response. But these days, Isabella is no longer saying, “Oh wow, he’s never replied before.” Because she’s having ongoing conversations with key executives in the European stratosphere and worldwide:

“I’m talking with a General Manager from a very, very prominent fashion business. I followed the Direct Outreach protocol from the Book Yourself Solid® Using LinkedIn Immersion Program, and built a natural conversation without being pushy!

He’s very senior, he’s very busy – his name is just stratospheric – but with my strategic messaging, I got a personal first reply from him within a few weeks. I continued my appropriate professional outreach, and got a second personal reply THE SAME DAY…and I continue to build a two-way conversation with him on social media.

Through the tools I was given in Book Yourself Solid® Using LinkedIn Immersion Program, I am in the position to know exactly WHAT to say, and HOW to reach him in a way that would illicit a response.

This is just one of the many interactions I’ve had with senior executives in the fashion industry — my target market — so it works! Paul, Ana, and JoAnne, you definitely taught me how to get noticed!

Oh, and the new membership site is amazing. Thank you for offering us great advice and high quality resources. Awesome!!

Grazie, Isabella”

Take it from Isabella. You can become more generous, more authentic in your marketing & selling – all in a strategic way – and ultimately get THE RIGHT influencers interacting with you, to help you build your business.

Now, what about you? What massive action will you take this year?

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