[Case Study] Finally getting the high value clients he was looking for (not on Facebook)…

Meet Shane Walls.

He knows his stuff when it comes to saving profitable firms in Texas millions of dollars when it comes to…ugh, taxes. Helping wealthy business owners eliminate taxes is his forte.

But let’s just say, he wasn’t getting a big crowd of people raising their hands to get his help, at least not on social media (not on Facebook).

Not getting traction after looking for several years – spending well over $10,000 on social media gurus and ad managers – would leave anyone pretty frustrated.

In Shane’s own words, “They all seem to just be in it for the money and not worried at all about the client getting leads.”

So, you’d think he would have given up by now.

But no, he is the tenacious entrepreneur – the guy who gets up after falling down 77 times. And hopefully, will save you the $10,000 by sharing what finally transpired to get the traction he was looking for.

“I am a great marketing guy, but knew pairing that with the right online strategy could take my business to the next level.

Then I found More Clients More Fun™. With YOU AND LinkedIn, is the place to be. Your free webinar with specific instructions helped me learn how to change even a few things on my LinkedIn profile that started getting attraction immediately. The headline resulted in my first prospect, which turned into a very large client. I mean, a VERY LARGE client.”

Now, we’ll say that is atypical, as in we’re not promising that just by one change in your headline will you land a humongous contract, but the point is, those high value clients are ON LinkedIn.

And when you take the time to become very targeted as to who you’re reaching – potential clients who have the resources to invest in what you have to offer – LinkedIn delivers a gold mine.

And with help from Paul McManus, Shane had a complete treasure map on to how to get there and get the gold.

“I’m now working with not just ‘business owners’ generically, but specifically, commercial real estate developers…”

He accelerated the process of revenue growth for the first time ever using an online strategy with proven tactics.

And he has pretty much nailed it.

My income went up 3x what it was the year before, because of these high-end leads I was getting.

Previously, my business had a net revenue of approximately $350k. By the end of 2016, (my income) will be over $1.5MM (at least) – a bottom line growth of over 400%.

Check it out from his end…


I sleep better at night because I can sit at home and consistently have leads coming in. There is something about telling a new prospect I cannot have a conference call for two more weeks because I am too busy, which causes them to want my services even more.

Not having to worry about closing every deal is such a game changer for my personal life, so when we are away on vacation it’s even more peaceful!

–Shane Walls, President & CEO, Wealth Consultant
Advisor Bridge Asset Management

Not only does he get new qualified leads on a weekly basis, the size of the leads are larger than any of the prospects he has worked with in the past.

He says it is so “truly remarkable” that he now needs to bring in other financial advisors to work with him on follow up on the volume…which is another dream come true.

To build a team working alongside him was not in his long-term plan till another 3-5 years down the road.

But now that benefit and desire is also a reality. Amazing!

“If it wasn’t for Paul, I wouldn’t be where I am today. It’s mind-boggling to me to have ‘figured this out’ so quickly, but of course, I didn’t – it was More Clients More Fun™ and your system behind it.

Everything Paul has told me has been very honest. He’s somebody you can trust. Everything is spelled out in detail; really organized, a great fit and super fun to work with! I think I’m pretty detailed, but I’ve learned he’s a lot more detailed than me. 😉

I totally, highly recommend working with these guys.”

We love nothing more than to see our coaches, consultants, and trainers become happy financially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

LinkedIn Lead Generation is one of our fortes. Leads are great; the right volume of leads is essential to the outcome of revenue growth.

But that’s not where it ends.

With MORE CLIENTS than you can handle coming into your inbox and LinkedIn messages – what would you do with the extra cash flow??

Build your dream team? Outsource an exciting online strategy that could be done better than DIY? Or simply take a vacation with your loved ones.

Whatever is MORE FUN for you at the moment. 🙂

Email us at questions@moreclientsmorefun.com to see how we can help you finally find and enroll the high value clients you have been looking for (and perhaps get you on vacation sooner than later).

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