[Case Study] Accelerate the Process of Client Acquisition on LinkedIn

Meet John Whitehead, PCC, MA, CEC.

He’s a very well-credentialed corporate executive coach and trainer. Providing leadership and personal development focusing on inter-personal communications, Emotional Intelligence, and organizational and employee resiliency is what he does so well – using workshops, one-on-one coaching and team-building.

But in order to keep doing these wonderful things (coaching) full time, he knew he had to do more than advertise through some free workshops and some social media.

As coaches, we’re all in the business of doing what we love, which is making a positive difference in the lives of others. We pursue this passion, in hopes of reaping financial rewards as well.

Yet, what happens when you start to “market yourself” here and there…and everywhere…

In John’s own words, “It’s a scattergun approach!”

Yes, we’ve been there and done that. The random networking events, the cold calls or trying to get past gatekeepers…that lead to nowhere…

“I often joke (semi-joke anyway) to other professionals and business owners that we’re actually all in the business of client acquisition. It’s about – how do we find and connect those people who would be willing and interested in working with us.

We can go to a bunch of networking events, we can email (lists), we can go knocking on doors. But fundamentally, that’s like scattering stuff, and you really want to try to focus on where your primary market will be. And that was my challenge – to collect enough opportunities to meet with that target market.”

How do we narrow down WHO we should be ‘going for’ – how do we narrow down our target market and subsequently, our marketing efforts?

“One of the most important things More Clients More Fun™ did for me was help me to focus on where my niche was (all the above things I love and do well), by focusing on a primary market on LinkedIn. You teach in your program to have a process and to stay consistent.”

He has accelerated the process of client acquisition by applying our marketing strategies on LinkedIn, and most importantly – by staying at it. Consistency is very, very key.

And he’s pretty happy with the results.

“I’ve generated 15 clients (thus far) from that process alone! When I started, I had about 200 LinkedIn connections, and now I have over 3,000. And you never know where those connections are going to get you. For instance, I recently spent 10 days in Saudi Arabia facilitating 2 courses – all from the work that was done on LinkedIn. (And I’m going back again!)

I’ve been contracted with a training organization for the oil & gas industry, mostly in the Middle East / N.Africa, to conduct trainings in Dubai and Saudi. They were expanding their offerings into leadership and soft skills development. And if I keep at it, I never know what’s going to be around the next corner – of further long-term global opportunities!”

Click on the video to hear his story…


“I would absolutely recommend the More Clients More Fun™ program to colleagues – there is huge value and real potential for significant ROI. Without hesitation, I would say – of all the programs out there – it was the best thing I ever did.”

–John Whitehead, ACC, MA, CEC
Marshall Goldsmith Certified Stakeholder Centered Coach

It’s a step by step process to build opportunities.

Using the LinkedIn platform for reaching out and connecting with the appropriate individuals, as well as a much more strategic publishing platform for building credibility, becomes your effectiveness piece to generate enough qualified leads to build a full coaching, consulting or training practice.

But again, you must stay consistent.

It’s not a magic bullet. We provide a process to implement over time for long-term benefits.

“In my experience, you’ll get some people that will respond right away; some people will respond after the first one; some people will respond after the third one. But they’re connecting with me. They’re going to my scheduler and scheduling an introductory call. It’s happening.

What motivated me to sign up for More Clients More Fun™ was, when I signed up for the introductory webinar you offer, I was so impressed with what you guys gave away, in terms of ‘value.’ There was so much initial value, that I thought, if you guys were willing to do that, there’s got to be an awful lot more…and as it turned out, there was!”

Plus, like John, you may “enjoy and often get a lot out of others’ contributions that come via our MCMF Facebook and Linked groups. (I’m) definitely a continuous learner and having such an ongoing resource for new ideas is significant.”

That’s the other part we’re very proud of:

A thriving, joyful, supportive COMMUNITY of like-minded coaches, consultants and trainers – entrepreneurs who just keep going to seek out a profession following their passion while making a bigger IMPACT, so they can also have the FREEDOM to live a life of their dreams.

What do you dream of today? More undivided time with your spouse or that book you’ve had on your desk for 8 months. Adventures with grandkids, taking off Fridays for golfing, or just time to think…write…reflect. Or maybe, for now, it’s client acquisition.

This is all part of the More Clients More Fun™ lifestyle. And why we’re here to help you succeed. Whether it’s more clients…or more fun you’re looking for at the moment…

Email us at questions@moreclientsmorefun.com to see how we can help you finally focus on and enroll the high-value clients you have been desiring (and allow you to do what you love – i.e. coaching and swimming with the dolphins).

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