[Case Study] 1100+ Profile Views in the Last 30 Days…

As you know, we are on a mission to help speakers, coaches and consultants make a meaningful impact in the lives of others.

By helping them enroll more clients, create a profitable business, while having fun in the process – we know we are making a bigger positive impact on the world! We can do this together!!

Then the reality check comes.

But…“I’m still working on my certification!” or “I am just getting started.”

We hear this a lot. In addition, there is the looming road ahead to…build a website, create content, set up your online sales funnel, the list goes on…

Can anyone relate??

Yes. Many of our clients are “just starting out.” But we have encouraged them to take action as soon as possible, and not wait till everything is “perfectly in place” because it will never be perfect anyway.

And this is why we use LinkedIn – one of the most actionable platforms to start making sales, with systems and tools that are NOT complicated, and which have yielded tremendous results.

So what does that look like?

Let’s take Kitty Boitnott as an example, a Career Makeover Coach who is “just starting out,” but is taking action – implementing our strategies from our MORE CLIENTS MORE FUN LinkedIn Immersion Program.

It does not have to take ages – months, or even several weeks, for people to find you. In fact, we found out that some of our clients, like Kitty, are rocking results within 2 weeks of implementing our system…

“I just got started, but am getting an average of 10 invitations PER DAY from potential clients who fit my perfect avatar profile. I finally feel like I am not having to hunt for them like looking for a needle in a haystack!”

Watch Kitty telling you herself (that she would sing from the mountaintops)…


“I’ve had 1100+ individuals look at my profile in the last 30 days!

So that tells me that this program works. It inspires curiosity about who I am to them. Half of those who reach out to connect with me on LinkedIn (and who I’ve messaged) follow-up with a message of thanks for what I do and/or asking me about my services!

That’s 2-4 unsolicited messages PER DAY saying, ‘I’m a burnt-out teacher…ready for a change. What kind of service do you offer that might help me…?’”

–Kitty Boitnott, PhD, NBCT, RScP, Career Makeover Coach – now featured in the Top 25 Career Coaches Online by CareerToolkit.com

And this process repeats itself over again and again…

More good news and reports like, “Just sold another two online courses today. Both clients found me through LinkedIn because of this program. Thank you so much!”

Remember, Kitty was “just starting out.”

Now, back to you. Picture receiving these unsolicited messages for your services from potential clients in YOUR TARGET MARKET. And them saying YES to your programs, packages and proposals…

What would it feel like to not have to “look for the needle in the haystack,” and instead have them messaging you about the transformational work that you do for them – the people you are meant to serve! And of course, to be getting paid what you are worth to do it?

Imagine the possibilities.

It all goes back to taking action even if “you’re just starting out.”
Tell us, in the comments below, one thing that you want to take action on today 🙂

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