[Case Study] How To Triple Your Private Practice In 6 Months

You’re an EXCELLENT mental health professional!

Your CLIENTS RAVE about you!

But you’re overwhelmed…

…and the dollars aren’t flowing in..


To take your practice to the next level…

…you could use a little help…

I know your struggle…

I’ve been there too.

Well, one of the keys to being successful at ANYTHING is to do what you do best and to know when to reach out for a helping hand.

Andrew Joy of The Mental Difference out of Chicago is a sports psychologist working in both a clinical and a sports related capacity.

What was his private practise like before he gave us a call?  

“I think the biggest thing was just getting out there, and getting people knowing we were out there. It was moving at a much slower pace than I really wanted it to,” he explained.

So what did we do?

I think the biggest thing was your getting me to revamp all of our online presence. We had to revamp our website. With your help we created a big social media presence from Twitter to LinkedIn to Facebook and you had us posting on a regular basis, on a daily basis, getting multiple Tweets out, multiple posts and just getting that presence out there.”

What was the result?

“A lot of people contacted us — from teams at the youth level and school districts. We were getting our brand out there.”

Did this have an impact on his clinical practice as well?

“When we got the website re-launched, we went from looking like something a 5th grader would do to something you would pay thousands of dollars for. And we did it all in house.”


“You gave us direction and websites and things we can use to drive our social media presence. We didn’t have to figure out what we had to do. Less trial and error. You saved us a lot of time.”

A concrete plan to follow from beginning to end is vital.

A lot of times private practices are already spread incredibly thin with clinical notes and the billing and all sorts of things. He needed a marketing component so I worked with him to create a plan, to get him from point A to point B.

How were his clinical and sports practises affected?

“It’s awesome. It’s also crazy, it’s been longer hours, and it’s balancing almost two different schedules. We have to set time aside for clinical clients and individual sport clients. Then we have all these workshops that we’re doing. This week alone we have six workshops. Then we have to do the billing, we have to do the clinical notes — all these little components, so it’s a constant go now.”

That’s a lot of activity.

How did his life change?

“It’s great now because before it was a constant frustration, always wondering when am I going to get more people in the door.”

What surprised him most about the process?

The impact of the social media, that was surprising to me. I had been neglecting it because I didn’t think it was going to be that important. But then we got a really good contract with the Chicago Steel and on the USHL just from our social media presence. A key contact had found us and it turned out we had some mutual connections from my grad school. And then it turned out that his assistant coach I had played with in juniors and the head coach I had played against in college. He never would have found us had it not been for our social media presence. So that was really exciting. It was a big contract for us and an exciting contract.”

Did his team have to get bigger?

“Since I’m developing workshops and curriculums for teams, a college intern really freed up my time to do what I’m really good at and that’s the actual teaching part of the therapy.”

Would he recommend this process to any colleague, therapists, or psychologists who are struggling to grow their practice?

“Absolutely, the return on investment for this is amazing. The amount of information and direction you gave me was a tremendous value. I made what I spent with you back in a week. I wouldn’t have some of the clients or contracts I have now if I hadn’t had direction from you, especially with the website and the social media. Our website looks so much different and better now and I have gotten calls like, hey your website looks really professional, we would like to work with you.”

I told him when he started the process that he might feel overwhelmed at the beginning. But I also promised him that it gets easier.

The key is to take a deep breath and just go through it little by little and then see the progress and the results.

Andrew nodded in agreement. “When we started this process we had one office. And now six months later we have three offices in three different locations because of the volume and the demand. It has been a great process and thank you very much.”

You can watch the full interview with Andrew Joy below.

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