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What is More Clients More Fun?

The place for coaches, consultants, and speakers to learn how to enroll more clients using LinkedIn and other online marketing strategies (while having a lot more FUN in the process…)

THE TEAM Behind More Clients More Fun

WHAT'S IN the More Clients More Fun Mentoring Program?

MORE CLIENTS MORE FUN LinkedIn Immersion Program

Where you will discover how to:

  • Build a rock solid LinkedIn profile to attract your ideal clients

  • Learn how to use LinkedIn tools to be able to easily attract and engage your ideal potential clients

  • Build a strong Network so that you can get more clients in a predictable way

  • Develop a one-to­-many trust building strategy so they will choose you when the timing is right for them

  • Master super simple sales conversations that are effortless and effective and allow you to enroll more clients at the rates you deserve to be paid (BRAND NEW MODULE)

ALSO includes weekly group coaching calls.


Exclusive LinkedIn Mentoring Group +

Ongoing access to our LinkedIn client-only group so you can get support on a daily basis from Ana Melikian, Paul G. McManus and JoAnne Henein.

Book Yourself Solid® System eCourse +

Using the Book Yourself Solid® proprietary marketing model* you will learn how to put solid structures in place in the following areas:

  • Working with the right people.
  • Understanding why people buy what you’re selling.
  • Identifying your target market and the single biggest result you bring them.
  • Developing an unforgettable personal brand and being able to talk about what you do in a way that gets you more sales!
  • Putting the essential credibility-builders in place and winning trust on a daily basis.
  • How to broadcast what you do on a daily basis and become more likeable.
  • Putting together a sales cycle (business model) to unconditionally serve your clients.
  • Developing a library of information products to better serve your business and your client base.
  • Ditching the guesswork and getting exactly the right pricing for your market.
  • Establishing a promotional calendar to get your prospects hungry to buy from you.
  • Selling without selling using the proprietary Book Yourself Solid Super Simple Sales Formula.
  • Identifying unusual and frequent sales opportunities to put more money in the bank.
  • Establishing the three mandatory core self-promotional strategies that you MUST do in order to attract new clients.
  • Identifying which of the three optional self-promotional strategies is the best fit for you and your business and designing a marketing agenda that best suits your needs.
  • Putting an effective and meaningful web presence in place that brings the customers to you, so you don’t have to chase them.
  • And much much more...

*Ana Melikian, Paul G. McManus and JoAnne Henein are licensed to teach the Book Yourself Solid® System, created by Michael Port, based on best-selling book, Book Yourself Solid®. Neither Michael Port nor Michael Port & Associates LLC is an affiliate, sponsor, or partner of this website or the individual(s) who own and operate it. Book Yourself Solid® is a registered trademark of Michael Port & Associates LLC.

Learning in Action Mini-Courses +

Learning in action self-study mini-courses.

  • How To Attract Ideal Clients
  • List Building Kick Start Kit
  • More coming soon...
Monthly Online Workshops & Guest Webinars +

We host online workshops and guest webinars every month to bring you the tools and concepts you need to get more clients.

All of our workshops and webinars are recorded and available to you in our More Clients More Fun Training Center so you can watch (or re-watch!) whenever you want.

Some of the upcoming topics are:

  • Create Your More Clients More Fun 2016 Business Plan
  • Never Forget a Name Again! - Tricks to help your memory and networking skills.
Monthly Live Q&A with Ana Melikian & Paul G. McManus +

Every month we do a LIVE Q&A video call where you can join and ask Ana Melikian and Paul G. McManus any questions you want!

These calls are recorded and available to you in the More Clients More Fun Training Center so you can watch (or re-watch!) whenever you want.

Recorded Workshops & Webinars Library +

All of our calls, workshops, webinars, and other resources are recorded and available to you in our More Clients More Fun Training Center so you can watch (or re-watch!) whenever you want.

Toolbox of Resources to Help Overcome Technological Challenges +

To help make online marketing and technology easier and less overwhelming.

You will find in this toolbox many how-to tutorials, such as:

  • How to make available PDF, MP3, and videos
  • How to Create a Quality Webinar with Free Resources
  • Creating surveys and forms using Google Docs
  • A simple tool to save email time and mental sanity everyday
  • How to Never Forget a Password Again
  • How to use TimeTrade to automatize appointment scheduling
  • Transcription Services Resources
  • TextExpander-A Simple Secret to Improve Your Productivity
  • How to Connect Your YouTube Channel with Your Website: Great way to drive traffic
  • How to Create Professional Looking Facebook Covers, Social Media and Blog images
  • How to Optimize Your Facebook Page
  • How To Create a Facebook LIKE AD
  • Domains, Hosting, Servers, CMS, WordPress, Weebly - Is this gibberish to you?
  • And many, many, many more.

READY to join our More Clients More Fun Mentoring Program?

guarantee_1560-Day Money Back Guarantee: We’re confident that you’re going to love what our More Clients More Fun Mentoring Program has to offer. That’s why we offer a 60-day money back guarantee – if for any reason, after you participate fully in the training, it doesn’t meet your expectations, just email us to cancel within 60 days – we’ll refund your money. That’s our promise.

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What Others are Saying . . .

Doug Willbanks Doug Willbanks, IT Consultant

I'm officially booked solid. Actually, I'm bursting at the seams. During the 4-week immersion program, I was able to land three projects. This program has taught me a process I can use over and over again to generate new business and thrive as an independent consultant.

Terri Babers, M.A, CPC, ELI-MP Terri Babers, M.A, CPC, ELI-MP, Certified Professional Leadership and Life Coach

I've taken training after training, webinar after webinar. I've entered group after group under the teaching or mentoring of one 'expert' or ‘guru' after another. Yet, I've never felt the authenticity, the honest desire to create/add value (along with expert advice and generous guidance) to the lives and the businesses of every participant that I've experienced, as I have with this More Clients More Fun training team…

Isabella Brusati Isabella Brusati, Helps senior managers to improve their organizational performance

Wow, just 4 days into the program and I see results! It is with great pleasure that I have received a message from LinkedIn saying that they featured my Pulse article in the company culture section. I have been writing on Pulse for over 1 year and this has never happened before. How did I do that? Well, I followed the steps stated in the Book Yourself Solid® Using LinkedIn course resources section. Thank you for the great and pragmatic advice that does really work!


Joni Gilton Joni Gilton, Helps Leaders Eliminate Stress

Being a part of the program, I learned how to have effective conversations on LinkedIn. They showed me how to invest my time in a more strategic way. Honestly, it’s a life-changing experience. I will never go back to the old way of networking.


Kathleen Nightingale Kathleen Nightingale, Empower Entrepreneurs To Be Free To Live The Life They Love

Since applying More Clients More Fun LinkedIn Immersion Program, I’ve learned to be abundantly clear on my target market and niche…

As a result, I’ve done a number of things I wouldn’t have done otherwise on LinkedIn and presented myself in a very clear business-relevant way, and even publishing as a credible expert on the Pulse blogging platform.

The other day, I reached out to someone who had made a comment on one of my articles (we didn’t know each other), and now they are a client!


Kitty Boitnott Kitty Boitnott, Helps burnt-out teachers find career alternatives that are perfect for them because work should be fulfilling and FUN!

I’ve had 1100+ individuals look at my profile in the last 30 days! Half of those who reach out to Connect with me on LinkedIn (and who I’ve messaged) follow-up with a message of thanks for what I do and/or asking me about my services!

That’s 2-4 unsolicited messages PER DAY saying, ‘I’m a burnt-out teacher…ready for a change. What kind of service do you offer that might help me…?’

Just made $790 selling two online courses today. Both clients found me through LinkedIn because of this program. Thank you so much!


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Almost every week we host a free, LIVE Workshop where we’ walk you through a 10-Point Checklist to Enroll More Clients Using LinkedIn.

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You can ask questions, connect with other coaches in the chat, and get a taste of our More Clients More Fun Mentoring Program!

You may already be aware of how easy it will be to grow your business when you invest in this mentoring program.

If not, as you sit here reading this, imagine how you’ll feel when you know exactly what to do to attract your ideal clients with ease and joy.

More than that, picture how your business can touch the lives of your clients and have a positive impact on the world.

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